This March we celebrated International Women’s Day with the #ChooseToChallenge theme.

In our Bytes & Brews monthly conversation session, we explored the idea of opportunity in challenges. From challenge comes change. This year we’ve all certainly been challenged, and changed.

This month I encourage you to celebrate exactly where you are in this moment. I heard from a lot of folks last month that things are still in the challenging part — and I invite you to be okay not being okay, if that’s what you need right now. Thank yourself for waking up and showing up. And maybe go…

Excited about Data Science technologies? The Women Who Code community offers a variety of webinars that allow you to explore and investigate a wide range of Data Science topics!

Our community is warm and friendly, open to questions. Some of us are pretty experienced, and many of us are new beginners in different Data Science topics ourselves!

You can join our Women Who Code Data Science Slack channel here:
Women Who Code Data Science Slack Channel

About this Blog

Women Who Code is all about inspiring women like you to excel in technology careers. …

Technical interviews are their own kind of stress. You could be working in languages that are unfamiliar to you or with problem sets outside of what you feel like you do in your day-to-day work. You might be pairing with new folks or just have people hanging over your shoulder while you code.

Ever wondered how you can up your technical interview game? I conduct a lot of technical interviews and just want to offer a couple tips and tricks on the “soft skills” side of things to help you through it.

You might have all the right technical skills…

With Mark Zuckerberg currently standing trial, for both Facebook and the entire tech industry’s past decade, we have to take a moment and ask: but how could we have done better? How can we move forward from here?

While media seems to be focused on Zuckerberg’s potential resignation and the DOW dropping in response to Facebook coming under fire for oversharing information through a Cambridge Analytica built app, we in tech should take a moment to consider the implications on the work we do and how we do it.

Revenue models aside for a moment, what could an ethical privacy…

The short story is: I have resigned from my position as Community Manager with Codemotion Dublin.

The long story is as follows:

I believe all humans can and should participate in technology.
I believe technology is at its best when it’s connecting people.
I believe participation and inclusion matters.
I believe representation matters.

In Wiccan circles, there’s a call and answer, a kind of mantra, for beginners:

Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in chairs?

The idea being that magic is as obvious, tangible and definite as the objects around us, like chairs and tables and breakfast food…

Let’s change the conversation

Last night I had the absolute privilege and honour of speaking at and helping launch the Google Developer Group and Women Techmakers at the gorgeous G Hotel in Galway, Ireland.

I just want to highlight and share a key piece of my talk last night.

What I hear over and over from everywhere is what women and diversities are not: not CS grads, not gamers, not whatever.

The approach is glass half-empty. The conversations we are having fundamentally pinpoint everything we are apparently missing. Language is important. …

How to talk to kids & teens about Computer Science

This past week I had the absolute honour and privilege of chatting with students across the States and Canada about coding and computer engineering for Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. The Hour of Code Week also features lots of other kinds of events beyond the basic tutorials.

I spoke with a bunch of third graders in Chicago and a girls Computer Science club via Skype, held a one-to-many hour of “Ask anything about code” for teachers, educators and…

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